Monday, September 4, 2017

Sex and the Iloilo City: Beer and Bladder Explosions

I just wanted to make make him feel special and that he could trust me.

I wanted it to stop, but it was a lie I can never escape with.

Nope, as much as I wanted to tackle living cadavers and mannequins in bedroom action something is stopping me. Now I am quite aware how alcohol reacts in desperate measures.

As explained by my intelligent crush and ultimate target for some steamy relationship, alcohol triggers the brain and increases the libidinal drive for almost an hour. It wasn't my gall bladder which was aching after a long drink over a cold cup of "tea", it was actually something near my bladder  that is itching to explode. Imagine the feeling of the universe collapse the moment you release it. I do like my ever intelligent crush and my ultimate target for a relationship. Hope progress is soon to come. 

Don't worry. No one ever knew. *smiley*

On another note, drinking is a habit and much more like a reason to do neurotic activation and just simply blame it drunkenness or loss of sobriety.  But that is self explanatory. Let's talk about more interesting issues like bladder explosions and alcohol.

For better or worse, there is an intimate relationship between sex and alcohol in our culture. Many people use alcohol to loosen themselves upin anticipation of having sex with a new partner. Alcohol increases aggressiveness to some and can even increase your libidinal call. It is a commonly held belief that alcohol is an aphrodisiac. And more sexually active people becomes better with a dash of tequila.  However, the real sexual effects of alcohol is complicated, and there are many serious negative sexual consequences of drinking too much and drinking too often. Like regrets, hunger for more, or worse, having fun. 

For instance, I  drink to strengthen my weak senses and stimuli interaction. Alcohol boosts up my irrational thinking which may trigger me to do sub conscious things which I try to repress and evaporate when I am sober. The after effect is unbelievable.

As hard as I try to remember, I once woke up with a heavy head, a naked body and a weary heart thinking it was just more than what we did that night. However, we can never rely on what if's and maybe's hanging around the corner of our sane mind when everything was alcohol induced. Trust me. I had it the "hard" way. 

After quite some thought, I realized however, that I wanted to get drunk again, do the same cycle i did the night before, cut some crap, lose the drama and know what the real score might be.

I ain't bitter. I just wanna have fun in a clean, and decent way. Even sex has emotions too.
Frankly, it wasn't just my bladder, I had my heart with it too. nyahaha

Finally, I realized, never drink and sleep, in other people's bed. Bad idea. Very bad idea.
So much for sex in the Iloilo City, not Sex and the Iloilo City.

Warning: this may not be a true story. 


Sweeney Todd Laugh.

I am crazy. 

Sunday, September 3, 2017


It was both a surprise and an adventure for me to visit Romblon. We may not be aware, but Romblon is actually an hour away from Caticlan. Believe me, the adventure was more that it was called for.

Thursday, August 31, 2017


The last week of August is built with long weekends and hello summer vibes. I was really itching to go somewhere but do not have enough reason. I wasn’t stressed at work, I have a pending task at home and not to mention my financial budget being stretched.

But the sailor in me calls for the sea. Or maybe some seafood. Or maybe both

And so we opted for a cheaper treat. ROADTRIP

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Sex and the Iloilo City: “Rebirth”

Hello friends! i'm back!

Ever since I was a kid, I always wanted to become a sex expert. A young free spirited sex expert who can tackle issues that no normal human being can talk about. Yup, you read it right, a sex expert. 

During kindergarten I would snoop around my teachers table and look for obscene shenanigans and look curiously to every physical angle my mind could goggle up so that I can tell my friends some tattle tales they have never heard before. My best friend Frances would even bring me to her house and show me different fortnightly displaying distinctive neurotic organs contracting to uncommon bodily structures of another specie. My first encounter with a female sex organ was on my 4th grade. My friend, Voldemort, had me and my other friends drop by their house for lunch. It was the most amazing experience a kid can ever witness. We slowly entered his room with trembling nerves and sweating armpits as Voldemort bit by bit opened the gates of a foreseeing haven for untimely pleasure. He made us peek into the long hole and watched his parents drench themselves doing the atypical intentional act of self expression, the next was legendary. We cried subtle tears that day being in the state of disbelief thinking his father was killing her mother with a humongous built in knife, even though its not pointed. I was so scared with the unsettling feeling in the stomach that made me want to vomit at the same time.

After quite sometime, we never stopped giggling. What a show.

Monday, August 14, 2017


taken from

A new Marine Protected Area (MPA) in the marine waters of Barangay Sinapsapan, municipality of Jordan in Guimaras island-province has been declared a new marine protected area.
Through Municipal Ordinance No. 004-2017, the marine waters from Sitio Casita until Sitio Balingasag from the said barangay will now be protected.

It covers a total area of 24.49633 hectares.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

BOHOL UNPLANNED 2: Visiting Virgin Island, Panglao

After going to the process of walking around Panglao, we decided to make the trip more fun by doing my most favorite thing in the world, BEACH HOPPING!!

Decided to bring these two more in my tradition foot selfie. #SlipperTwinning

Bohol has a nice a well organized tourism campaign. You would not worry anymore if your are paying more or getting less of your transactions. There is a generic price for all the activities available.

We woke up 5AM that following day because we are schedule for some dolphin watching. You would not see any photos of it here because I was too giddy looking at them I could no longer have the leisure time to snap some shots.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

BOHOL UNPLANNED: A guide for impulsive backpackers

Going to Bohol was not in any of my plans this year. However, in some of my not so good days, I would reflect on my life and the decisions I have made.

The story of my Bohol trip started when my close friend Heather and Bob were having coffee. Randomly, we would discuss  the future, our dying career, the life of Pi, or maybe some sexually explicit acts we would like to do. It was a Monday. 

It was Heather who was scheduled to go to Panglao with her long time boyfriend Jules. I don’t know what has gotten into us that we just decided to third wheel with them on their Wednesday trip. It was a long Tuesday of decision making, haggling, budgeting, then back to haggling, leave approval, then haggling again, tfood planning until the trip pushed through.

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