Monday, November 12, 2018


Since I am away for a couple of days, I took advantage of this opportunity to stalk my one and only brother. Like a seething cat, I can hop from one tagged photo to the other just to see what he is doing with his life. Of course, I can ask him directly, but that would take away the thrill of discovering juicy tidbits to grill him.

Stumbling from one post to the other, I can’t help but feel a little bit guilty for invading his personal social media space. But hey! Nobody ever wrote the proper ethics of how social media should be utilized.
Honestly, I cringe a little seeing facebook and twitter posts from his age. Although this may not come directly from his friends, but tagged and shared photos seem a little inappropriate for me. But before going deeper into that issue, let me discuss some social media do’s and don’ts we are not really aware of.  
5 Social Media Do’s and don’ts you might want to consider

1.       Do keep your private angst, well, private
We are just here eating popcorn while you and your boyfriend fight over your petty issues. If someone has took advantage of your sweet personality, or you feel a little bit aghast with your boss, please do resist that tempt to tweet rant or any passive-aggressive “You know who you are” status. Why, most of the time, it will get you in trouble.

2.       Don’t overshare
Those new watch, the expensive restaurant you went, or maybe that “branded” bag you got from your boyfriend, hey, we are watching. There was an incident where a friend was robbed because of flaunting too much stuff on facebook. She tagged herself on foursquare and some crazy people just took the guts to  get money out of her. Horrible, but this may be true. So before you share those little luxuries you have, you might want to think twice.


3.       Do post about personal hobbies
You’ll never know who shares the fun with your personal hobby. A friend of mine often shares article on bike safety. He uses his social media to help enhance and inform his friends of a very healthy lifestyle he aims to have. This in return encourages people to take interest in the beauty of biking. A playlist would also be nice. Music is a universal language, and who knows, somebody speaks the same words like you do.  

This is interetings Clink this link for more details

4.       Don’t engage in social media fight
This is common these days. You would normally see the clash between two opposing sides when it comes to politics, gender fluidity and current events. I don’t really get it why someone would push their opinions on other people. Does it even make the world a little bit better? C’mon guys, why don’t we promote unity and love instead?

5.       Do interact with professionals, influencers and friends

Not only that this can be a great avenue to expand your ideas and knowledge on a certain topic, interacting with various people also boost your creativity, outlook and network.
A recent study has showed that Some of the many benefits of ongoing social interaction are:
·       A feeling of acceptance
·       The possibility for friendship
·       An increase in self-esteem
·       A chance to have fun
·       Access to social support when needed 

And so ladies and gentlemen, I have spoken. My brother might know what I have been up to with his social media accounts, he might block me or worse, delete me from his life. But that won’t stop me from telling him what he needs to know.

Because of this, Globe Telecom, being a purveyor of digital lifestyle, came out with the #makeITsafePH cybersecurity and cyberwellness campaign to educate consumers about online threats and what they can do to avoid becoming a victim.  The campaign also teaches the public proper online etiquette so that they would not become a source of such deplorable behavior.

Sunday, October 7, 2018


I read a line in a book I came across with this morning and it went like this:

I get agitated when you interrupt me in the middle of a very boring conversation just by checking your phone. In the morning, I’d like to laze up and talk just about anything, anything that both of us can think of. But maybe that is not your idea of good mornings. I’d like us to unplug. And I have been struggling to do that. But not you, just not you.

Hello and welcome to the first ever series of Unplug. This aims to share tell-tale details of digital happenings in my realistic life. Not that I genuinely have a life.

For a start, I wanted to talk about connections. The kind where you can just grab a plug and sock it in an electrical source to light up any bulb of ideas. I am a little bit blubbering here and I don’t know if I make sense. But let me tell you a story then.

Akosimerman is a little confused boy trying to understand the formula of how the world works. From waking up in the morning up to undressing myself at sundown to hit the sack. At times, I kinda feel empty. Not that gory kind of empty where you wish your life would end. But the kind of empty where you don’t feel any emotions. No happiness, sadness or even fake hurt. I am not sure if you could call that broken, nor if that really matters. Most of the time, the introvert in me would surge up. It’s not a problem yet but I don’t want to take that chance to let it consume me. For the record, I love meeting people, listening to their stories, knowing what makes them tick or if they thought the universe is round or flat. And with what I have been struggling right now, I don’t think can love people anymore.

It has been like this for quite some time now and it’s starting to bug the hell out of me. Yep, that with much emphasis. So today, I decided to do something about it. I will make this little experiment wherein instead of living this realistic life I’m in, I will create a more digitally perfect environment. This, and some sparkle of connection to the world. A little of yoga, inner peace and drink till you drop kind of thing.

The fake it till you make it kind of deal.

The travel will continue but the drama won’t be there. Today, I am taking the first step. It’s a challenge, but let’s see. Who knows, this can be a start of something new. Right?

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Jan Rae's Online Love Story

Let me tell you a love story.

Last year, I met someone. It wasn't one of the most exciting meet-up youd probably imagine but its quite interesting how we came to be. And so, here is what my #MakeItSafePH story began.

You see, I was in a really bad place in the relationship department last 2016 so I downloaded an app called WeChat. While some of you might be familiar of how that works, its as simple as a the most loved facebook messenger, but more private. 

I met some people there and got invited to an island getaway. You know how crazy I can be when it comes to going on an adventure.

Moving three notches up, I met a friend named Bert. He is very gentle and sweet and outspoken and what you might probably call a gentle giant. But my story did not end there. One random day, he asked me if Im interested to “meet new friends. I said yes. He gave a name and I added it up on Facebook.

It was an unusual thing for me to get hooked talking to people online especially with my busy line of work. In a deeper level of chatting, I got really drawn into it. I came to know who he is, his aspirations, and the struggles he's been to. Not to mention the weird humor we both have. We were constantly communicating for three months with topics you might not really find the "dating" kind. Physics, astronomy, divination and some weird sexual positions you could ever imagine. Imagine the imagination I forced myself to have just to sustain the conversation. He works abroad and i'm here trapped in my mobile phone waiting for that simple "hi" to jump start the evening. Three months later, he came home to the Philippines and we met for the very first time. Awkward at first, but very comfortable. I'll skip the drama part and how we came to be, but things worked out really well. He is sweet, very humble and knows how to control my temper. We have been dating for a year and a half now and so far, i'm happy.

My story couldve ended differently if I had met the wrong people. I never believed in online dating after hearing horror stories from friends and some posts online. Frankly, I don't normally share the very personal side of me but when I came across this #MakeItSafePH , I knew I had an interesting story to tell. Some people may not be as fortunate as I have been and would come across online monsters and get really nasty. So just a little tip, be careful.

Globe Telecom takes it upon itself to ensure that the society as a whole remains safe from numerous threats facing everyone using the  internet. This concern gave birth to the #makeITsafePH campaign under its CyberPinoy cyber wellness program. The campaign covers all stakeholders such as big corporations, small and medium-scale enterprises,  government agencies, colleges and universities, and the general public.

And so this is my story. What's yours?

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Ano Ba Ang Nangyari sa 2017 mo?

Magsesenti po muna ako.

Ilang araw na lang bagong taon na. Hindi ako makapaniwala na ang daming nangyari nung 2017. Ibang-iba of what i envisioed it to be. Pero sabi nga nila, ang buhay puno ng sorpresa. Katulad ngayon, nag tatagalog ako kahit na English major ang kurso ko. Di kasi ako masyadong magaling sa grammar at rhetoric. Kaya para safe, tagalugin na. Bilangin natin ang mga panibagong nangyari sa akin ngayong taon

JANUARY. Nakayanan kong lampasan ang Dinagyang Festival. Salamat sa tulong ng mga kaibigan, katrabaho at kamag anak

FEBRUARY. Naku. Masaya ito. Hindi man swabe and pasok ng buwan pero ang saya parin. Bakit? Kasi nagka lovelife ako. Keeleeeg. Charets

MARCH. Namaalam sa isang katrabaho. Na realize ang ibang bagay at nag sinungaling sa mga importanteng tao sa buhay ko para makapag resign. Opo. Humihingi ako ng patawad. Di ko na po uulitin. I’ve learned from my mistakes

APRIL. Pinakamahabang 30days ng buhay ko. So far. Lungkot. Pamamaalam. New chapter ika nga.

MAY. Bagong trabaho, kakilala, kaibigan. Isang buwan akong namalagi sa manila. Bago para sa akin yun.

JUNE. Pasukan na. Balik iloilo para patunayan sa sarili na kaya ko nang mag isa mag trabaho. Charot level 300

JULY. Pagsubok, tagumpay at adjustments. Nakapasa sa financial advisors exam. Nagpa hiv test. Naglaba at kung ano2x pa. Parang andaming time eh. 

AUGUST. Pagtawid sa mga naghihirap na sales ng tenants. My ghad. The pressure. Nagpa rebond, nagpagupit at ngayon, kulot pa din.

SEPTEMBER. Konting kembot pa. Taguyod ang regularization. Gagalingan pa para sa target na increase. Kaya ko to mga beshies. 

NOVEMBER. Regular na! Pwedeng nang umabsent, ma late at mag trabaho na parang kalabaw. Balik manila life. Ang saya. Dito ata umalis si lablife. Naku. Masaya nga ito.

DECEMBER. Matatapos na rin ang taon. Ang saya. First time ko ata makukumpleto ang simbang gabi. 

Natatawa ako sa sarili ko paminsan-minsan. Parang bata mag isip, umiiyak sa maliliit na bagay. Hayup. Ang dami kong napuntahan. Ang daming first time. Di ko alam kung naging mabuting tao ba ako, o ganun pa rin. Madaldal, mataray, malandi at mapang alipusta. Pero bes, magaling akong kumembot. Cheken

Salamat. Salamat sa tatlong daang animnapu’t limang araw ng 2017. Hindi ko inakalang matapang pala ako. Kaya ko palang makipagsapalaran sa mundong walang kasiguraduhan. Nagkakamali, nagtatagumpay, pero patuloy na naniniwalang ang mundo ay isang malaking quiapo. Masikip, maingay, may banta ng dilubyo, chaos at agawan. Minsan baka manakawan ka pa ng pagkakataon at paniniwala. Pero kapit lang bes. Gabay natin ang Panginoon. 

Salamat po mga beshies! Sa uulitin. Ang iyong sandigan ng katotohan at pagmamalasakit. 

Kapuso sa salita, kapamilya sa gawa, 

kasamang Jan Rae Aguilos. 

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Savoy Hotel Boracay, what you need for the holidays

It’s the holiday season! And what better to celebrate it than to be in the comfort with family and friends. Before the year ends, I got the chance to spend some night in one of the world’s most beautiful island, Boracay!

Yup, you heard it right. Got to stay in a five star, London based Savoy Hotel while I was there. Located at Newcoast Drive, Boracay Newcoast, Barangay Yapak, Boracay Island. It’s quite a long trek going there with an estimated of 25minutes travel time from the ferry port, but trust me, the wait is totally worth it.

Oceanway Suites by Boracay Newcoast is a condominium unit by Megaworld Corporation .
This is the your welcome establishment on the way to Savoy Hotel

Savoy Hotel Lobby

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Let me remind myself how to be me

Feeling a little bit dramatic. It must be the weather
2017 will soon be over but I am still here pooping colors as if I am some kind of unicorn. Since the start of the year, I have experienced a lot of major changes in my life. From leaving 5year relationship to my previous job, buying a new house and spending time with friends, the life I have been living in is far more different from what I imagined it to be.

I should be hungry for adventure and learning, this is what I need to remind myself everyday.

Now, as I sit here at Iloilo International airport, waiting for my flight to Manila, I realized a few things.

1. It’s not all bad to go back to basic. I am starting to see the old Jan Rae come to life. No longer the grumpy, miserable and bitter Jan Rae who always had a toxic knack to life. The Jan Rae who sees the positive, the beautiful, the solution and the good. I don’t know what has made me go back to this basic self, but I certainly want this to be a fresh start of something good.

2. Life has a few twists and turns, and you can’t do nothing about it. I entered 2017 with a heavy heart. With pure sadness and less hope for my life to get the direction I always wanted, I thought this year will be like some other years where I have little drive to continue, to dream, to live. But God has a beautiful plan in its perfect timing. It might not go as smooth or according to our plans, but our hopes will surely be granted. Not a minute too early or late.

3. Stumbling blocks are pavements, not obstacles. Those big boulders thrown at you, those small cracks that you thought would swallow you, those big or small things are stairways to reach that door of opportunities, that window of happiness. When facing a puddle of mud to overcome, I usually think of the dark roasted smell of a newly  brewes coffee, I slightly scratch my head, and face them with a forced smile. It was never easy, but imagining it done can make a very big difference. Trust me, it works.

4. It is so hard to say goodbye. I had a couple of teary goodbyes this year. To my former boss, colleagues, workmates and old flame. It was a hundred times harder than what I thought it would be. Full of tears, fake smiles and positive encouragements just to console the aching soul. However, these hard goodbyes make me appreciate the people around me more, the value of time, and the attention each relationship needs. These hard goodbyes offer learning, they test people to see who will stay, who will judge you for being you and who will always be there to support and pat your back. These goodbyes open new views, bigger space and a wiser you if you just take the courage to move forward.

5. Not all goodbyes are sad. I said goodbye to the me who people hated. The me who never stops criticizing the good. The me who will never run out of sarcasm. The me who likes to belittle others just to get ahead of the game. It was a nice goodbye. I just hope I never see that kind of me.

So here I am, ready to face what life throws at me.

So let me remind myself how to be brave, how to fight, how to say no, and how to openly love the world without hesitation. To not think of giving up or letting go. Oh wait, I think that’s my flight calling. Hate to cut this short bu I guess you can hear a lot of me more starting today.

By the way, I am still a sailor sailing my way across the seas. Happy sailing!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Most of time, I think my body is connected to the sea. It feels most alive when my feet would dangle up and feel the cold waves rushing back and forth. The sand in my feet and water touching my skin. I am at peace.
Even on my most normal days, I would plan out for a quick weekend getaway, and the experience is more exciting than the last. With friends behind me, and a beer in my hand, I am ready to face the road.

And so, we took the trail that led us to the famous Guimaras Floating Cottage. Its quite a surprise that only a few people, mostly Ilonggos, know the place. This beauty can compete to that of Manjuyod in Negros, or the common dream beach, Maldives.

Found in Nueva Valencia, the cottage is located in the middle of the sea surrounded by green islands and rich marine life.

This was taken on the way to the cottage.
You can see various marine life and a vast space of mangrove
One of the things you can see on the way to the cottage
Girlyn is my featured model for this blog.
Her excellent pose compliments with the clear view of the water.
And I am expecting a Christmas gift from her.

The view of the cottage before docking

How to get there
· Ride the Bangka from Ortis Wharf going to Guimaras. (Php14.00/ head)
· Upon arrival, directly proceed to their tourism office for assistance
· Either ride a mini van or jeepney going to ALIBHON TERMINAL/ PUBLIC MARKET for Php13.00
· Ride a private motorcycle to the drop off point of the Floating cottage (Php70.00/ head)
· From there, you can hire a banka (boat) at P400/3hrs to bring you to the floating cottage

You can also opt to hire a private jeep at P2000 for a round trip to directly go to the drop off point or a multi cab at P1500. We were in a group of eight (8) so that is way cheaper for us to rent a private cab.

I just find this crafty and nice, =)

And the photo session begins

You can go on a floating spree using this.

No photo edits made

Take note:
· Entrance fee of P50.00
· Be sure to bring all the things you need such as Food, toiletries and drinks. You cant buy anything there.

Budget breakdown:

Round trip with boat and jeep
Php 237.50
Entrance fee

Php 50.00
(Depends on appetite)
Php 200
Php 487.50

The Queen Lee striking a candid pose. Though she was not aware this was taken

Our hugot king goes candid 
You can enjoy the whole afternoon goofing around, breathing in the sweet sea breeze or maybe telling snippets of stories to friends. The caretaker was really nice. She gave us ideas on where to go next in Guimaras. I guess you can expect more adventures soon. =)

It's fun to goof around the place when you are with friends.

I will never cease to love the beach

Definitely a genuine smile for everyone on our way home.

It was really one of the best trips I had with my friends. Bourbon on a sunny day at the beach. Not bad. It was all smiles and less drama. And that made all the difference.

Say hi to my happy friends who were also my crying and fighting friends. See you on the next trip!

The lonesailor will go on another adventure to bring you more discoveries!
For updates you may follow me on my instagram account @janraethesailor or follow me on facebook at

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