Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Savoy Hotel Boracay, what you need for the holidays

It’s the holiday season! And what better to celebrate it than to be in the comfort with family and friends. Before the year ends, I got the chance to spend some night in one of the world’s most beautiful island, Boracay!

Yup, you heard it right. Got to stay in a five star, London based Savoy Hotel while I was there. Located at Newcoast Drive, Boracay Newcoast, Barangay Yapak, Boracay Island. It’s quite a long trek going there with an estimated of 25minutes travel time from the ferry port, but trust me, the wait is totally worth it.

Oceanway Suites by Boracay Newcoast is a condominium unit by Megaworld Corporation .
This is the your welcome establishment on the way to Savoy Hotel

Savoy Hotel Lobby

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Let me remind myself how to be me

Feeling a little bit dramatic. It must be the weather
2017 will soon be over but I am still here pooping colors as if I am some kind of unicorn. Since the start of the year, I have experienced a lot of major changes in my life. From leaving 5year relationship to my previous job, buying a new house and spending time with friends, the life I have been living in is far more different from what I imagined it to be.

I should be hungry for adventure and learning, this is what I need to remind myself everyday.

Now, as I sit here at Iloilo International airport, waiting for my flight to Manila, I realized a few things.

1. It’s not all bad to go back to basic. I am starting to see the old Jan Rae come to life. No longer the grumpy, miserable and bitter Jan Rae who always had a toxic knack to life. The Jan Rae who sees the positive, the beautiful, the solution and the good. I don’t know what has made me go back to this basic self, but I certainly want this to be a fresh start of something good.

2. Life has a few twists and turns, and you can’t do nothing about it. I entered 2017 with a heavy heart. With pure sadness and less hope for my life to get the direction I always wanted, I thought this year will be like some other years where I have little drive to continue, to dream, to live. But God has a beautiful plan in its perfect timing. It might not go as smooth or according to our plans, but our hopes will surely be granted. Not a minute too early or late.

3. Stumbling blocks are pavements, not obstacles. Those big boulders thrown at you, those small cracks that you thought would swallow you, those big or small things are stairways to reach that door of opportunities, that window of happiness. When facing a puddle of mud to overcome, I usually think of the dark roasted smell of a newly  brewes coffee, I slightly scratch my head, and face them with a forced smile. It was never easy, but imagining it done can make a very big difference. Trust me, it works.

4. It is so hard to say goodbye. I had a couple of teary goodbyes this year. To my former boss, colleagues, workmates and old flame. It was a hundred times harder than what I thought it would be. Full of tears, fake smiles and positive encouragements just to console the aching soul. However, these hard goodbyes make me appreciate the people around me more, the value of time, and the attention each relationship needs. These hard goodbyes offer learning, they test people to see who will stay, who will judge you for being you and who will always be there to support and pat your back. These goodbyes open new views, bigger space and a wiser you if you just take the courage to move forward.

5. Not all goodbyes are sad. I said goodbye to the me who people hated. The me who never stops criticizing the good. The me who will never run out of sarcasm. The me who likes to belittle others just to get ahead of the game. It was a nice goodbye. I just hope I never see that kind of me.

So here I am, ready to face what life throws at me.

So let me remind myself how to be brave, how to fight, how to say no, and how to openly love the world without hesitation. To not think of giving up or letting go. Oh wait, I think that’s my flight calling. Hate to cut this short bu I guess you can hear a lot of me more starting today.

By the way, I am still a sailor sailing my way across the seas. Happy sailing!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Most of time, I think my body is connected to the sea. It feels most alive when my feet would dangle up and feel the cold waves rushing back and forth. The sand in my feet and water touching my skin. I am at peace.
Even on my most normal days, I would plan out for a quick weekend getaway, and the experience is more exciting than the last. With friends behind me, and a beer in my hand, I am ready to face the road.

And so, we took the trail that led us to the famous Guimaras Floating Cottage. Its quite a surprise that only a few people, mostly Ilonggos, know the place. This beauty can compete to that of Manjuyod in Negros, or the common dream beach, Maldives.

Found in Nueva Valencia, the cottage is located in the middle of the sea surrounded by green islands and rich marine life.

This was taken on the way to the cottage.
You can see various marine life and a vast space of mangrove
One of the things you can see on the way to the cottage
Girlyn is my featured model for this blog.
Her excellent pose compliments with the clear view of the water.
And I am expecting a Christmas gift from her.

The view of the cottage before docking

How to get there
· Ride the Bangka from Ortis Wharf going to Guimaras. (Php14.00/ head)
· Upon arrival, directly proceed to their tourism office for assistance
· Either ride a mini van or jeepney going to ALIBHON TERMINAL/ PUBLIC MARKET for Php13.00
· Ride a private motorcycle to the drop off point of the Floating cottage (Php70.00/ head)
· From there, you can hire a banka (boat) at P400/3hrs to bring you to the floating cottage

You can also opt to hire a private jeep at P2000 for a round trip to directly go to the drop off point or a multi cab at P1500. We were in a group of eight (8) so that is way cheaper for us to rent a private cab.

I just find this crafty and nice, =)

And the photo session begins

You can go on a floating spree using this.

No photo edits made

Take note:
· Entrance fee of P50.00
· Be sure to bring all the things you need such as Food, toiletries and drinks. You cant buy anything there.

Budget breakdown:

Round trip with boat and jeep
Php 237.50
Entrance fee

Php 50.00
(Depends on appetite)
Php 200
Php 487.50

The Queen Lee striking a candid pose. Though she was not aware this was taken

Our hugot king goes candid 
You can enjoy the whole afternoon goofing around, breathing in the sweet sea breeze or maybe telling snippets of stories to friends. The caretaker was really nice. She gave us ideas on where to go next in Guimaras. I guess you can expect more adventures soon. =)

It's fun to goof around the place when you are with friends.

I will never cease to love the beach

Definitely a genuine smile for everyone on our way home.

It was really one of the best trips I had with my friends. Bourbon on a sunny day at the beach. Not bad. It was all smiles and less drama. And that made all the difference.

Say hi to my happy friends who were also my crying and fighting friends. See you on the next trip!

The lonesailor will go on another adventure to bring you more discoveries!
For updates you may follow me on my instagram account @janraethesailor or follow me on facebook at  https://www.facebook.com/janraethesailor/

Monday, November 13, 2017


I sometimes have these 12 midnight realizations which can turn into early morning beach trips. In those not so rare moments, I discovered tatlong pulo. A simple and private island in Guimaras, Tatlong Pulo boasts its blue beach surrounded by two islets. If the tide permits, you can readily swim from one island to the other.

Thursday, October 12, 2017


“The whole object of travel is not to set foot on foreign land; it is at last to set foot on one’s own country as a foreign land.” – G. K. Chesterton

Boracay! Oh the wonderful sun and the blue sea makes me want to dive right back into my thoughts.

As I think of hundred ways to start this blog, my mind wanders to every beautiful beaches I have been to. But what can be compared to Boracay? Oh the wonderful sun and the lovely blue waters!

My thoughts come rushing back to the those three wonderful days I’ve been there. This time, not with friends but with family. Which in fact is more exhausting, chaotic, and fun.

What more can I tell you about this beautiful destination? There’s not much lounging, drinking booze of sleeping beside the beach that happened. Although I am more for that laid back beach experience, it’s the first time our family ever went out on a trip.

And so, at 4am in the morning, we braved the roads to Malay, Aklan.

How to get there

From Iloilo:

  1. Take a cab going to Tagbak Terminal
  2. Grab a ceres liner going to Caticlan, Aklan
  3. Go down the Boracay Jetty Port
  4. Take the boat going to Boracay Island
From Manila

  1. There are Manila- Caticlan flights available
  2. Take a trike going to Boracay Jetty Port
  3. Ride the boat going to Boracay Island

I am sure most people have heard about Boracay Island. With various websites and international media that features the island, it rose to fame not only to the locals but to foreign tourist also.

Although the island might be really crowded on certain days, Boracay still continues to shine its glamour as the best destination in Asia. With me, my brother, my sister, my niece and everybody there, I don’t know how it can get more chaotic.

But here are some most common things to do in Boracay Island. 

Monday, September 4, 2017

Sex and the Iloilo City: Beer and Bladder Explosions

I just wanted to make make him feel special and that he could trust me.

I wanted it to stop, but it was a lie I can never escape with.

Nope, as much as I wanted to tackle living cadavers and mannequins in bedroom action something is stopping me. Now I am quite aware how alcohol reacts in desperate measures.

As explained by my intelligent crush and ultimate target for some steamy relationship, alcohol triggers the brain and increases the libidinal drive for almost an hour. It wasn't my gall bladder which was aching after a long drink over a cold cup of "tea", it was actually something near my bladder  that is itching to explode. Imagine the feeling of the universe collapse the moment you release it. I do like my ever intelligent crush and my ultimate target for a relationship. Hope progress is soon to come. 

Don't worry. No one ever knew. *smiley*

On another note, drinking is a habit and much more like a reason to do neurotic activation and just simply blame it drunkenness or loss of sobriety.  But that is self explanatory. Let's talk about more interesting issues like bladder explosions and alcohol.

For better or worse, there is an intimate relationship between sex and alcohol in our culture. Many people use alcohol to loosen themselves upin anticipation of having sex with a new partner. Alcohol increases aggressiveness to some and can even increase your libidinal call. It is a commonly held belief that alcohol is an aphrodisiac. And more sexually active people becomes better with a dash of tequila.  However, the real sexual effects of alcohol is complicated, and there are many serious negative sexual consequences of drinking too much and drinking too often. Like regrets, hunger for more, or worse, having fun. 

For instance, I  drink to strengthen my weak senses and stimuli interaction. Alcohol boosts up my irrational thinking which may trigger me to do sub conscious things which I try to repress and evaporate when I am sober. The after effect is unbelievable.

As hard as I try to remember, I once woke up with a heavy head, a naked body and a weary heart thinking it was just more than what we did that night. However, we can never rely on what if's and maybe's hanging around the corner of our sane mind when everything was alcohol induced. Trust me. I had it the "hard" way. 

After quite some thought, I realized however, that I wanted to get drunk again, do the same cycle i did the night before, cut some crap, lose the drama and know what the real score might be.

I ain't bitter. I just wanna have fun in a clean, and decent way. Even sex has emotions too.
Frankly, it wasn't just my bladder, I had my heart with it too. nyahaha

Finally, I realized, never drink and sleep, in other people's bed. Bad idea. Very bad idea.
So much for sex in the Iloilo City, not Sex and the Iloilo City.

Warning: this may not be a true story. 


Sweeney Todd Laugh.

I am crazy. 

Sunday, September 3, 2017


It was both a surprise and an adventure for me to visit Romblon. We may not be aware, but Romblon is actually an hour away from Caticlan. Believe me, the adventure was more that it was called for.

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